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Information about The Beauty Of Native American Gourd Rattles

Native American gourd rattles do more than just make beautiful music. They are beautiful pieces of Indian art as well. These rattles are hand crafted from actual gourds and then painted with native designs. They can be used in traditional Indian dances, special ceremonies or even just for some fun around your home. Nearly every Indian tribe uses rattles of some sort during special occasions. Learning more about these rattles will help you to appreciate their beauty and unique features.

Although most gourd rattles are made in a similar fashion, each Indian tribe uses different techniques when making their rattles. First gourds are needed. Normally,the gourds would be grown by the Native American themselves to be used for making rattles. A specific shape is needed to create rattles and an experienced rattle maker understands this specific shape. There are many gourds that will work well for this, but not all. A gourd should be left on the vine until it matures in order to create a good rattle. When you can hear the seeds rattle inside when the gourd is shaken, you can tell that a gourd is ready to make into a rattle.

Next, the inside of the gourd will need to be cleaned. A small hole is cut and the seeds are taken out. In order to clean the rattle completely on the inside, special tools are used. The pulp and seeds must be removed before it can go through the creative process of gourd making. It must first be dried and prepared for becoming a rattle. Improving the sound quality and durability of the finished product, a gourd rattle will often times be painted or varnished.

Next, it is time to fill the rattle. Many times, tribes use unique and symbolic items inside the gourd. The items will hold a special meaning. But most times, the rattle will just be filled with seeds, dried corn or beads. The hole is then corked and the rattle is ready to paint. Amazing rattles are hand made and then painted with Indian designs. Often, the artist will decorate the rattle with beadwork, leather and feathers. The handle of the rattle is a great place for artistic beading or a leather wrapping.

These rattles are often small, but with a little searching you can find some a little larger as well. Since they are made using authentic and time honored techniques, try and purchase ones that have been crafted by Indian artists.

Once you find one that you like, it is time to put it on display. These colorful American Indian gourd rattles will look stunning placed on a display shelf or even hanging on the wall. It is interesting to display these rattles in a music room, especially if other Native American instruments are displayed. These unique rattles will make a beautiful statement in your home decor and will quickly become treasured possessions in your home.
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